Tackling Procrastination

If there is one thing I can point to that blocks me from moving forward with my development, it is procrastination. There are two connected reasons for why I procrastinate so much. The first one is my need to be perfect and the second is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I have yet to complete. This has become a huge problem for me, so I decided to sit down and think about how I can realistically overcome this and move forward with my plans. Taking into account the two reasons for why I procrastinate, I have decided to adopt the below steps.

1. There is no need for perfection

Striving for perfection has been toxic for me. It has prevented me from trying for fear that I would not get it absolutely right the first or second time. Dropping this mentality helps immensely with tackling procrastination because there is no longer a need to strive for what is impossible.

2. Break your tasks into manageable chunks

Trying to tackle your tasks all at once can make you feel really overwhelmed. Breaking your tasks into manageable chunks helps you feel less overwhelmed because it no longer feels like you are running a marathon.  

It’s quite common when you make a conscience decision to strive for development and self-improvement to come across bad habits that never seemed to be an issue beforehand. Procrastination is one of those bad habits for me. I hope that by adopting the above 2 steps, it will be easier for me to tackle it.

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