Our Ego and Its Hatred of Failure

More times than not, our ego forces us to hold on to what’s unhealthy or it leads down a path of self-destruction. It convinces us that if we change course or drop a bad habit, we have essentially “lost”. But despite its hold over us, it’s often difficult to sense its presence and so we are almost defenceless against it.

In order to lessen the hold our ego has over us, we must recognise that:

1. Failure is Important

Not only is failing or “losing” part of life, it’s also hugely important. How will we ever become better people or do better at our jobs without first making mistakes? Failing shows us clearly what works and what doesn’t, and if we are willing to listen, we will benefit greatly.

2. Failure is never as bad as we think it is

Our ego tends to exaggerate how badly we have failed. To the point where we believe that we can’t recover. Like with number 1, this prevents us from learning important lessons that would often take us on the path towards success.

While we are on this journey of self-improvement, its important to acknowledge the role our ego plays. It will often stand in our way and reduce our willingness to change. So it’s important that we start tackling it early on. Otherwise, we will constantly be taking two steps forward and three steps back.