Zuhair Murad Couture Collection: Egyptian Beauty

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all doing well!

I had recently watched the Zuhair Murad Couture Spring Summer 2020 and I was amazed. I’m not the most fashionable person nor do I have any meaningful knowledge when it comes to fashion brands, but I do have an eye for beautiful things. The whole collection was absolutely stunning and I’m not sure if it could be anymore perfect. For now, my favourite piece is look 47.

The inspirations for the collection were ancient Egyptian queens, like Nefertiti and Isis, who were known for their beauty. And I could see that from the first look to the last, which was the wedding dress. Although I know next to nothing about Zuhair Murad; from this collection, I can see how important beauty is to him. This is after all, the purpose of clothing. Not only to hide our nakedness but to also show the beauty that is within.

So, if this is your thing, I really recommend watching the show on youtube or on their website.

Until next time…bye!